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I hereby declare that:



  • I intend to enter information into the Digital Advice Tool that is a true reflection of my personal financial situation, needs and objectives.


  • I understand that the advice is limited to the information entered into the Digital Advice Tool and that any information not entered into the Digital Advice Tool is outside the scope of the advice.


  • I give permission for my Tax File Number, to be retained on file by Foreman Financial Group.


  • I give permission for this information to be retained and used for the preparation of my relevant advice document and in relation to any investment which I hold or may hold and I understand that any advice and/or financial planning recommendations will be based on the information supplied in this Digital Advice Tool. I acknowledge, in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act (1999), this information in entered into the Digital Advice Tool may be electronically stored securely for record-keeping purposes by Foreman Financial Group.

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